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Experts in sheet metal

Cambridge Rapid continually invests in new machinery to make sure that the components we supply can be the best they can be. We believe in a multi-skilled workforce, who are confident to supply parts right first time, every time.

YOUR Metalwork is our priority

We are constantly thinking what can be done to improve things, how can we make it better is our mantra, because we believe everything can be improved.


Design and Prototyping

Cambridge Rapid can get involved with projects at anytime during the design process. Some customers engage with us when they just know that they want a design updated and have no fixed ideas.

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Cambridge Rapid invested in a Trulaser 1030 in 2019. The Trulaser is a very economical machine with low operating costs and a high level of productivity.

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CNC Punching

CNC punching provides a cost-efficient manufacturing process and our machine can emboss, form, engrave, and also deburr.

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Folding and Forming

Cambridge Rapid has three press brakes which enable us to match the capacity of the laser and punching machine

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We undertake both MIG and TIG welding and most of our employees are trained in welding. We weld a wide range of materials from Aluminuim, Mild Steel and various grades of Stainless Steel

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Mechanical Assembly

We have the full range of assembly equipment, from a Haeger Press to add bushes and studs, to rivet guns and avdel guns and also the trusty screwdriver.

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Stainless Steel

Stainless requires no secondary process such as painting or plating and is a resilient material that can make you product the best it can be.

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At Cambridge Rapid we believe together we can achieve anything to provide your Complete Manufacturing Solution