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If you need help designing you metal components, or want help with material selection or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Continuous Improvement

As part of our commitment to lean engineering, our staff continually work to improve the design of your products, whether to allow them to be made in a more cost effective way, or simply to improve performance or reliability of the final product.

Design and Prototyping

Cambridge Rapid can get involved with sheet metal design projects at any time during the design process. Some customers engage with us when they just know that they want a design updated and have no fixed ideas. Others contact us when they had a design but need to know what is possible, whether it will work, and more importantly whether it will be cost-effective.

New Projects

We are continually working with new sheet metal design projects at Cambridge Rapid and take time to understand our customer’s needs.  We undertake full project management from the concept, through prototype, pre-production, and full production. We know that the customer can’t always wait and they need a product and need it fast and we can adapt accordingly.

Design For Manufacture

Working with Cambridge Rapid at an early stage means that the concepts of designing for manufacture are applied at the beginning of the design process, which means that cost-efficient design takes place first time. This also helps with appropriate material selection and we can provide working samples through the design cycle. Cambridge Rapid can progress this further and organise bills of materials, assembly work instructions, specialist packaging as well as kits if required.

Value Engineering

Cost analysis and value engineering are very important as part of the design process, or even when looking at the profitability of a final product at any stage of the life cycle. We are experienced in value engineering and have adapted many manufacturing processes or designs to make sure that our customers always get the best value for money.

We have full design facilities and also work with customer Solidworks models, CAD drawings, pdf and written sketches (some of the best designs have come from hand written sketches!!).

At Cambridge Rapid we believe together we can achieve anything to provide your Complete Manufacturing Solution