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Bushes make a change from nuts and bolts!

Sometimes using nuts and bolts for assembly can be very fiddly and more end up on the floor than in the product. Our Haeger Press inserts both studs and bushes and will make assembly far easier. If you want to know more about this, please contact us.

We Can Do It All!

Many of our customers don’t want to receive individual components, they would like the full assembly completed. We undertake many jobs that are shipped from us as final assemblies ready to go to customer.

Mechanical Assembly

We have the full range of assembly equipment, from a Haeger Press to add bushes and studs, to rivet guns and avdel guns and also the trusty screwdriver.

We have a purpose built clean area to enable assemblies to be built in the cleanest of environments and working with our staff we continuously improve our assembly techniques to allow assemblies to be undertaken in the most cost effective manner.

Assemblies have piece part inspection and a full final inspection so you can rest assured your assemblies will be top class and ready for you.

Tool Boards

We design and make our own tool boards, and use 5s principles to make sure our customers assemblies are made in a cost-effective manner. If your manufacturing facility could do with purpose-built tool boards do not hesitate to contact us.

At Cambridge Rapid we believe together we can achieve anything to provide your Complete Manufacturing Solution