What Finish Do You Require?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what finish to have on your Stainless Steel.

We can produce samples of all types of finishes, so you can choose.

Grained – a resilient finish, and although it will still scratch – scuffing is less visible and the grain can always be touched up.

Polished – a bright high-end polish that looks the best, but the surface can easily scuff and scratch.

Bead-Blast – an interesting finish, that is resilient and also covers surface imperfections and minor grinding marks.

Are you fed up with seeing weld marks on your final product? We have a weld cleaner so all welds can be cleaned and your product will look the best it can be.


We undertake both MIG and TIG welding and most of our employees are trained in welding. Our welding area is expandable to as many welding bays as required by our capacity, which as many know welding can be a labour intensive process.

Our experience of welding stainless steel means that we have experience of many of the issues that can be caused, such as distortion and cracking. Many of the products we undertake have to be watertight and we provide water testing facilities.

We weld a wide range of materials from Aluminuim, Mild Steel and various grades of Stainless Steel.


Spotwelding is a very economical way of joining sheet metal components. Cambridge Rapid have two water-cooled spotwelders, which will spotweld a variety of materials with minimal distortion or marking. We also have facilities of studwelding, which is the addition of studs and bushes to sheetmetal with minimal marking to the front face.

Finishing Centre

Cambridge Rapid has a purpose built finishing centre which contains grinding benches for specific materials which stops cross contamination. Two polishers as well as various grinding and finishing equipment for all materials.

On stainless steel we can provide polished, grained or beadblasted finishes to customer requirements.

At Cambridge Rapid we believe together we can achieve anything to provide your Complete Manufacturing Solution